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Hey Y'all

Hey Y'all, mark your calendars, Crossfire will be playing at the Whiskey  Roadhouse in the Horseshoe Casino May 25th from 9 to 1.  This will be  our first big show with Reggie Evans on deck so come on out and dance  the night away

Hey Y'all, we have an exciting announcement: 

 Reggie Evans has agreed to join Crossfire as our new Lead  Singer/Frontman!  We'll be spending some time in rehearsal honing our  skills and harmony, and then we will be back out playing the hottest New  and Classic Country dance songs (maybe a few Classic Rock songs too).   Please help us by offering a warm Crossfire Welcome to Reggie Evans!

Reggie Evan's love for singing started in the Baptist Church choir.  He enjoyed the  karaoke circuit for a while taking a liking to country music. He joined  the Cowboy Up Band, an upstart cover group. He has been in other band projects before joining Crossfire Country Music.  He brings strong lead  vocals, rich harmony and a mean tambourine to the stage.

Walter Killam is a native of North Texas, who grew up on classical music and first broke into live performance playing punk rock.  After cutting his chops in music of all varieties, Walter spent 20 years playing in the Honky Tonks around Dallas.  When work brought him to Omaha, Walter brought his talents to local groups such as Harvey and the Wallbangers and Silver Star.  Walter plays bass and mandolin for Crossfire, sings backing vocals, and writes most of the band's original music.

Lead guitar player Gary Groves hails from San Diego, California; and credits his love of the guitar to his talented uncles, Larry and Bill Stevens. Gary has played in several local and regional bands including Nothin Fancy, Silver Star, Four on the Floor, Dust, and Harvey and the Wallbangers.  Gary is now a highly sought after lead guitarist for area bands needing a fill-in musician, whether blues, country, pop or rock.

J.P. "Buck" Weyerman is a member of the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame for his work with The Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band.  He has lent his percussion skills and creativity to studio sessions and radio spots in Omaha, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.  A veteran of the Omaha music scene, he was a regular at the Ranch Bowl with bands such as Big Thumbs and Ogden Edsl.  Prior to joining the band, Buck had semi-retired from performing; but after sitting in for a few shows, he knew he wanted to be a full part of Crossfire.

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